Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer Satisfaction Index


Giving you the opportunity to bring the 'voice of your' customer to inside your business

Program Objective:

To create a continuous stream of customer feedback data in order help businesses improve  internal processes, deepen staff and customer relationships and improve profits.


Program Description:  

Ask Listen Retain’s CSI program is an automatic way to get feedback from customers and deal  with it. Bad customer feedback can be isolated, recognized and dealt with and good customer  service can be used to highlight and market the business. Here is how it works:


Process 1:  ASK your customers for feedback regularly

In a competitive marketplace where social media has given the customer voice center stage, now more than ever it’s critical to know exactly what your customers think. Engaging your customers from the inside out and making sure everyone in your company shares the same vision—across departments, touch points, and geographies—are vital components to the health and success of your business.


Feedback types:

  • Telephone surveys by an experienced interviewer to your top 20% of customers (The Pareto principle) on a quarterly basis.
  • Email campaigns to a wider client base
  • Web site survey forms where marketing material directs customer to the site to leave feedback 24/7


Process 2: LISTEN to the voice of your customers

When specific words are used by your customers during the survey process (telephone, online or mobile surveys) in the open text comment question types, these words are actually windows into their emotional mind set. To help you LISTEN in a structured format and making sense of the volume of comments recorded, words are automatically categorized as POSITIVE or NEGATIVE emotionally charged comments. A third comment type is also classified as KEYWORDS that have been identified as important for feedback purposes.


Other LISTENING types:

  • Negative feedback sends an email notification instantly to the owner/manager. Statistics say that 95% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you address their concern quickly.
  • Positive comments are forwarded to the owner/manager and shared with staff as a congratulatory message. Staff are excited to hear the good news and want to create more ‘Promoters’
  • Reporting is another LISTENING tool by advanced analyzing your precious data collected. We make it easy to get a bird’s-eye view of your survey response


Process 3: RETAIN customers

Once we ASK your customers all the important questions, and your management team has been able to LISTEN to any emotionally charged feedback through their comments, now begins the RETAIN 360 degree closed loop portion of the ALR process. Based on one of four conditions:

  • Low scoring survey results,
  • Certain answers given to specific questions
  • Negative comments made during the survey or lastly
  • The customer requested to be contacted.

The ALR process will automatically generate email ALERTS to point out a possibly unhappy or disengaged customer. These alerts notify the store managers about the survey, giving them the opportunity to reach out to the customer and deal with the issue at hand in a timely fashion. This is the first step in building customer loyalty through strengthening manager and customer relationship.

As the store manager resolves customer concerns or issues, the outcome is diarized for all management levels to see within the organization. Transparency and accountability at all management levels of your valued customers’ concerns and solutions is achieved. Through effective customer relation & retention management ALR will pave the way for building customer loyalty, strengthening the customer-manager bond, and retaining your revered customers.

Mobile Surveys

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Web Based Surveys

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