Management Leadership Consulting Programs

Achieve Sales and Customer Service Excellence

The Managers and Management Managers Leadership Coaching and Consulting from Excel Sales Consulting was designed to take your managers and management team to the next level. This training course equips managers with a robust toolbox of new knowledge, skills, and techniques that will help your sales staff become more confident and effective. Are you doing everything you can to help your team grow? Start from the top-down with the Store Managers Leadership Training Course. Contact us today to sign up.

Achieve Sales And Customer Service Excellence

The Store Managers Leadership Training Course is perfect for any store owner or manager who wants to achieve sales and customer service excellence. Our curriculum was painstakingly created to include only the most successful, time-tested practices for generating more sales and providing top-tier customer service to everyone who comes in contact with your business. 

A store manager showing her employee sales goals on an iPad at their hardware store.

Sales Development Coaching

A manager's ability to help their team members grow is key to running a successful business. In addition to improving their own sales skills, this course also teaches store managers how to provide effective sales development coaching to every member of their sales and customer service team. Participants will learn how to create and encourage consistent, first-class sales and customer service behaviors amongst their staff — behaviors that will lead to higher profits and happier customers.

Reaching Sales Goals

Do you have concrete and effective systems for measuring the performance of your inside and outside sales teams? If so, are you consistently reaching and exceeding those goals? The Store Managers Leadership Training Course can teach you innovative techniques used by some of the most successful business leaders today, as well as time-honored structures for measuring sales performance and encouraging continuous improvement. 

A shop manager assessing this month's sales goals on a clipboard.
A manager coaching employees on new sales techniques.

Planning and Conducting Meetings

Team meetings are an artform. If you’ve been to your fair share of sales meetings, you know that some meetings can be informative and inspiring, while others can be a massive waste of time. The Store Managers Leadership Training Course provides managers with effective meeting structures that they can use right away, as well as strategies for creating a positive work environment that inspires collaboration between inside and outside sales departments. 

When your store managers stop growing and improving their sales and leadership skills, the rest of your team will follow suit. The Store Managers Leadership Coaching and Consulting for Sales and Customer Service is the best way to ensure that your managers have all of the training and resources they need to help their teams achieve sales and customer service excellence. Excel Sales Consulting is committed to providing you with high-quality, customized training programs. Our programs are live and available both in-person and virtually. Contact us today to get started!