Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and Consulting

Relationship Selling Skills Training

Available in live version.

Understand and execute the sales process; Increase sales, productivity and performance; Increase the awareness of developing and maintaining a positive attitude; Improve organizational skills; Develop successful closing skills; Handle objections with confidence; Manage and develop a sales territory; resulting in improved relationships, overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Inside Sales and Customer Service Training

Available in both a live and full online version.

To equip the participant with the necessary tools to provide exceptional customer service. In addition to this motivate the participants to immediately implement the tools they have learned. The participant will improve professionalism and efficiency, thus resulting in increased sales and profitability for the company. This course is also available in online training for individual use and company use formats!

Store Manager Leadership Training

Available in live version.

This course will equip the participant with skills to effectively develop and guide team members with necessary tools to provide the best sales and customer service standards. To motivate the participants to immediately implement the tools they have learned. Increase sales, efficiency and productivity.

Delivery Driver’s Course

Available in full online version.

This customized course enables Delivery Drivers to complete a personal self-evaluation to identify their individual strengths and areas of opportunity to improve. This supports not only the customer but also the efforts of the inside and outside sales teams. Key areas such as attitude teamwork, communication skills, organization skills, image, creating a positive impression and best practices when delivering products.